The European Stroke Organisation (ESO) is a European society of stroke researchers, national and regional stroke societies and lay people organisations that has been founded in 2007.
The ESO’s major objective is to improve and optimise the management of stroke in Europe by providing medical education for healthcare professionals and the lay public. By offering best practise approaches on a European level, the ESO’s goal is to harmonise stroke management across Europe.
The ESO develops fundraising, prevention programs, an international communication system, programs for the European Stroke Conference (ESC) and supports the Journal of Cerebrovascular Diseases.
Additionally, the ESO organises many activities throughout the year, such as the yearly stroke summer school symposia on stroke controversies and sponsors a European Master of Stroke medicine program.
Become and ESO Member and make an investment in your professional future! ESO Members can choose between the following 3 benefits: Free access to the electronic version of Cerebrovascular Diseases A discount of € 40.- to the ESC registration of the following year Priority registration to ESC teaching courses
To obtain further information and to apply online please visit our website:

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